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Jan 13 2018

VIDEO: Out of Uganda, an Aggressive Crop Killer Threatens Global Food

The video below is the first part in a six-part series examining the scourge of Ug99, a type of fungus that causes disease in wheat crops — one that scientists worry could threaten global food supplies. Visit our series archive for all published episodes. THERE WAS A time when one of the most dangerous crop diseases a wheat farmer could …

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May 17 2017

No, I Will Not Promote Your Anti-Wheat Documentary | Nurse Loves Farmer

I know when I need my teeth cleaned or have a tooth that needs to be extracted, or really when I have any dental issues at all, I go to my optometrist. They’re a doctor too, so they can help me with all my medical issues, especially regarding my teeth, right? Just because their specialty has …

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