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Dec 25 2017

Genetically Engineering Foods Involves Greater Precision and Lower Risk of Unintentional Changes Than Traditional Breeding Methods – The Credible Hulk

There exists an international scientific consensus that existing genetically engineered foods are at least as safe as their closest corresponding non-GMO counterparts [1]. This consensus is drawn on decades of research and thousands of studies. Despite this fact, there still exists a broad gap between the science and public perception of the topic. According to …

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Jan 23 2017

GMO Feeding Studies – Biology Fortified, Inc.

Proper experimental design is the foundation of any scientific publication. However, a study is not so easy to plan, particularly when it includes methods that are expensive or that use tools that are hard to find. To make things more complicated, many studies are performed as part of a Master’s or Doctoral thesis, and the investigator gains skills …

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