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Aug 23 2016

It’s Official: Neonics Don’t Cause Bee Deaths | American Council on Science and Health

There is a certain junkyard dog mentality in the environmental movement; when they latch onto an issue, they never let go. (1) So it goes with the targeted pesticide class called neonicotinoids (neonics, for short). A decade ago, a sudden die-off in some regional honey bee hives got the fundraising juggernaut rolling to protect us from …

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Dec 23 2015

The Toxic ‘Chemical Hypocrisy’ Of Food Babe, Joseph Mercola And Mark Hyman

The media brims with hyped headlines about chemicals and food additives, implying that food will harm our children, medicine will make us sick, or our favorite cosmetics are toxic. With headlines making huge leaps from research to ruckus, like “Contaminating Our Bodies With Everyday Products,” a New York Times op-ed that wrongly advises pregnant women to eat organic to avoid …

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Jun 22 2014

Quackmail: Why You Shouldn’t Fall For The Internet’s Newest Fool, The Food Babe.

She made the front page of the Financial Times as the blogger who humbled Big Food and whose latest campaign for transparency in beer ingredients left “The King of Beers,” Anheuser Busch InBev, and close running rival SabMiller clamoring like Neville Chamberlain to appease a bully. “The rapid response by AB InBev and SABMiller—which capitulated to Ms Hari’s demands …

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May 22 2013

Guest Post: Honey bees, CCD, and the Elephant in the Room – Bug Gwen

Back in 2006, a team of bee researchers put out a report regarding a phenomenon affecting honey bees commonly called “Fall Dwindle Disease”, in which they decided that this name was misleading, and suggested a new name for this syndrome – the name they suggested as a replacement was “Colony Collapse Disorder” (CCD). It’s worth …

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