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Dec 17 2017

Undercover dairy farm video – shocking!


Nov 23 2017

NSW Farmers energy fact sheets and case studies | AgInnovators

Every dairy farmer wants to get a better return on the money they invest in powering the farm.  While most producers have worked to maximise the productivity of their herds and milking practices, energy productivity in dairy has been under researched and is generally poorly understood by producers.  NSWFarmers believes that most dairy farmers can achieve …

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Dec 17 2016

Story Of Milk – FrieslandCampina

Milk is Mother Nature’s miracle. A magic gift we receive daily with pride and respect at FrieslandCampina. Every day our cows graze slowly, while the world changes at an increasing speed. The members-cattle holders of FrieslandCampina cherish their cattle. We honour the rhythm of Mother Nature. A rhythm our animals follow so they can create …

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Nov 17 2016

What’s Really In Milk?

It seems that one of the newest things spreading around the internet like wildfire is photos and videos making claims about what is and isn’t in milk. Most of the wild claims that there is pus or blood or other disgusting stuff comes from Vegan activists who have an agenda to get you to stop …

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Dec 17 2013

Sometimes we are mean to our cows.

Well this is awkward. I have spent the last two years talking about our farm and how much I love my cows. If you have read more than a few posts here I hope that you understand my deep love for the cows in my care, “my girls“. That being said sometimes I am mean …

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