Mar 17 2017

Eat Better, Choose GMO Foods! | Nurse Loves Farmer

How does reading that title make you feel: “Eat better, choose GMO foods“?

For me as a skeptical consumer, first and foremost, I want to know the “why”? Why will choosing GMO foods be “eating better” for me and my family? Are they more healthy and nutritious? Are they better for the environment? What makes them better and why should I choose them? Surely this statement is bound to ruffle some feathers and make a lot of people downright frustrated and angry.

Now how about if we switch out GMO foods with organic? “Eat better, choose organic.” I would bet that the latter statement would be well received by many and not given a second thought by most. Well, I’m not most people because it immediately caught my attention and angered me at the grocery store this morning.

Source: Eat Better, Choose GMO Foods! | Nurse Loves Farmer