Jan 04 2017

I Don’t Feed My Kids Organic Food – Nurse Loves Farmer

I could certainly afford to pay up to 50% more for organic food for my children to eat, but I refuse to. I decline to pay the premium for organic food because I cannot justify it when comparable conventional foods (including those with GMOs) are just as healthy and nutritious, and arguably more environmentally friendly.

According to many of my peers in this world of motherhood, not feeding my children organic food makes me ill-suited to be a mom. I’ve actually been called a bad mother, an irresponsible mother, and downright lazy for wanting to feed my children an apple that won’t brown when you cut it—the new GM Arctic Apple that’s been approved for sale. I didn’t realize that what I choose to feed my kids affected so many other people, in turn giving them the right to label me a “Bad Mom”. I wish these moms would recognize that we’re lucky to have the choice in what food we feed our families when so many in the world don’t have a choice.

Source: I Don’t Feed My Kids Organic Food – Nurse Loves Farmer