Dec 23 2015

The Toxic ‘Chemical Hypocrisy’ Of Food Babe, Joseph Mercola And Mark Hyman

The media brims with hyped headlines about chemicals and food additives, implying that food will harm our children, medicine will make us sick, or our favorite cosmetics are toxic. With headlines making huge leaps from research to ruckus, like “Contaminating Our Bodies With Everyday Products,” a New York Times op-ed that wrongly advises pregnant women to eat organic to avoid “toxic chemicals,” or “Toast and Cancer: The Potentially Scary Link,” a Yahoo Health headline that implies we should run from our breakfasts, chemical catastrophes seem to lurk around every corner.

The mainstream media is not alone in fueling fear fires when it comes to products we use every day. The very peddlers of so-called alternatives to popular foods, medicines and beauty products use words like “dangerous” and “toxic” to describe the contents of our pantries and medicine cabinets.

Famous food activist and blogger Vani Hari, better known as “The Food Babe,” alternative medicine mogul Dr. Joseph Mercola, and celebrity doctor and author Mark Hyman, who has served as a long time Clinton family advisor, have more than quackery (the promotion of non evidence-based health advice) in common. They are all “chemical hypocrites,” promoting or selling products containing one or more ingredients they’ve publicly condemned.

Source: The Toxic ‘Chemical Hypocrisy’ Of Food Babe, Joseph Mercola And Mark Hyman