Sep 23 2015

On Dr. Kevin Folta, The New York Times, and Witch Trials. – SciBabe

Recently an article from the New York Times smearing Dr. Kevin Folta became the highlight of the organiphiles’ day.  However, the statements within the article, with short examination, debunked themselves.

I love it when they make my job easy.

Dr. Folta and thirty-nine other scientists have been under vicious attacks from activists organizationwith the goal of silencing the researchers stepping into the public eye with their valuable work. The results from these attacks, for just Folta alone, have included doxxing, his family being threatened, and his graduate students’ names being published for harassment.

This is the result of the same ‘claim anything’ internet culture that propagates every atrocious myth under the sun. From the debunked yet still wildly popular autism-vaccine link, to the myth that bread is made of yoga mats, to the lethal green juice and coffee enemas cancer “treatment” that’s led to more than a few premature deaths, why would suspicion about GMOs be any different? When curiosity leads one to google Folta’s research, ‘GMOs,’ over half of the links from respectable appearing sources on the first page say that GMOs are dangerous. So why wouldn’t a mother who’s just trying to make the right decisions for her family, on an instinctive level, choose to think this sufficiently advanced technology is harmful magic to her children being touted by this evil magician Folta?

Source: On Dr. Kevin Folta, The New York Times, and Witch Trials. – SciBabe